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Guest Post on Aquitaine Travel Guide - Libourne

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Where History, Food & Wine Converge...

In the tourism business, there are many of us and we all have our own expertise to offer. Here in Bordeaux, most of us work independently contracted by tour agencies or companies and also organize our own tours.

I was contacted by Anne, a fellow-American who runs Aquitaine Travel Guide which offers tours & travel concentrating on local products and cuisine to write a guest post.

Here on: Aquitaine Travel Guide you'll find my article & more about the small town of Libourne, located a mere 40 minutes from Bordeaux and why I adore this bedroom community. If any of you are thinking of taking a River cruise in Bordeaux, this town and area is including in many of the weeklong cruises. Enjoy and if you are visiting the area and are looking for a unique visit in the country or are a foodie, check out Anne's tours.

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