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New season awaits in Bordeaux

This is the opening of our first new tourist season in Bordeaux and the surrounding area since COVID hit us back in March 2020. Although we did manage to squeeze out a few months last Fall allowing Tourists to return to France and the area with the use of protocols and a sanitary pass. This Spring is different, restrictions for the time being, have been lifted and life is trying to return to a new normal. At the time of writing this post, masks are only required inside hospitals and on public transportation. Although the COVID virus is still present, and still contagious, the general public seems to feel protected or maybe just tired of wearing masks. We still see masks on some, especially in crowded areas but it is an individual choice as of this point.

All that being said, we are excited to welcome visitors to Bordeaux and I've been pleased to see that many shops and restaurants have survived this tough period. The streets are alive again, and as usual so beautiful.

As the weather gets warmer, more and more people venture outside and enjoy the Spring air. We are lucky here that for the most part our weather is moderate - with a fair amount of sun, allowing us to enjoy the outdoors often.

The above photo is looking toward the Place Saint Michel - this happened to be a rainy weekday but in any case the majority of people walk or ride bikes around the city as the preferred mode of transport.

The Marche des Capucins is Bordeaux's oldest and largest outdoor covered market and is often called the "Belly of Bordeaux". It's always fun wandering around looking at all the fresh products. This is where restaurant chefs often shop early to be inspired for their daily menus. Inside tip, look for a new market tasting tour that I'm currently in the process of creating.

In the heart of historic Bordeaux is Rue Saint James and La Grosse Cloche. This lovely pedestrian street is lined with cute shops and delightful cafes. It's always fun to sit and enjoy "une grande creme" or espresso while taking in the sun and the surroundings.

Above is one of my favorite cafes on Rue Saint James - adorable inside and out. They have a great light menu, including breakfast, brunch and lunch items. A very nice selection of pastries and desserts too.

In another part of Bordeaux, the Chartrons - here's another fun street - Rue Notre Dame, it is full of cute boutiques, antique shops and restaurants. It's so easy to lose time as one meanders in & out of the various shops in this neighbourhood.

In the center of the Chartrons quarter you find the Place Chartrons, the former market square. Now, many wonderful restaurants are found here - and with the nice weather - it's always a pleasure to dine "al fresco" - for lunch or even dinner.

I wanted to take the opportunity to give everyone a sample of our lovely city and our daily life enjoying the many cafes, restaurants and shops that await the visitor. Now that travel is re-opening, we are ready and waiting for you. When you are planning your wine tours, don't forget to include the city itself.

Bordeaux is definitely a great place to visit and even better to live in.


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